So the first week has went by and I feel like I'm doing alright. Prosperity doesn't happen over night but if you keep working at it, success will surely follow. Failure is not a final destination. Use your devastation as motivation. Enjoy your weekend folks!
We're here, we made it! So many people didn't and this is why we must be great! This year I speak order, favor and blessings into existence! Not saying Be new but be grand! Let's break barriers and reach goals. If I'm on my own that is fine because God got me! Have a blessed New Year everyone and find your focus!
Woke up to this rain and it sounds nice, washing it all away. 2013 had its highs and lows but I'm claiming 2014 as my year of favor. I've got my spiritual level on cleanse, my mind on ease and now its time to sync in my body. I'm following his steps and pray for order in my life as well as yours family. No new me in 2014 just ready to fulfill my purpose before its too late! Use what God gave you to fulfill yours, if you don't, there is no one to blame but you! Be blessed fam!
Starting right after the new year ill be helping anyone out with the resources and information they need to start entrepreneurship. If you have ideas and just don't know how to get started, I will point you in the right direction. It starts with you! Make your dream a reality!

New Year



Time to start believing in your dreams. Make them a reality. All talk and no work won't get you anywhere.  If you want to build an empire and reach your dreams then dont give up! It may sound cliche but be all you can be!
Have a goal! Do something with yourself. Nothing can happen from doing nothing, you however can gain something from something! Also remember if you fail, try again, we all pass failure on the way to success. Stay motivated, stay positive. Be you!
So starting off is the easy part. Being successful can be a challenge. What makes you different and unique can influence your outcome. Im starting small but I won't give up. Im going to host an event soon. Show people that Im really doing something. If you want to join my mission or start your own business send me a note. Im always available.

If you have a dream, reach for it. Don't take no for an answer, 
Find ways to be creative, start a new hobby, learn anew skill.
Knowledge is power and remember, we all pass failure on the way to success.

    Krishae Mcfadden
    Building my brand for the future of our youth. I plan on promoting the occupations underrated in society so that our Future generations will be inspired to strive for excellence in every field and not limit themselves to mediocre fantasies they see in the media.



    December 2013